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False Claims of conversion...
  Staking a claim of conversion through and because of decision-ism. Religious leaders have been seeking for far too long to stake of some kind that people are getting saved because of or they have ran through some evangelical relay course. Instead of a
biblical call to salvation, rather men are called to ask Jesus into their hearts, or to accept Jesus to be their personal savior.
   Some are even more confused and say, repent and ask Jesus to come into their heart. This movement seeks to give so many, some kind of assurance to people of salvation, instead of watching the lives of so called converted; we need some come kind of immediate sign or evidence of salvation. Evangelist, leave a revival and mark on their book so many are saved; even churchmen can make some kind of claim on how many are baptized or made decisions, looking at numbers rather than regeneration and conversion.
  The more tragic claim is Parents sighed a sigh of relief because little Johnny has prayed a little prayer, and they take away assurance their child is now saved, yet there Is no conversion. What does it mean to ask Jesus into your heart? This is not the same as believe in your heart, you don’t have a little key that opens some secret chamber ask him to come in!
  For fare too long I have watched people live as if God has never gave them a law to obey. When Johnny grows up to 17 -20 years old he goes on his own and lives like the devil, in constant carnality, there are no evidences of change of life. There is no remorse or weeping over sin, on seeking of righteousness or the congregation of believer’s. What do these parents normally do?
  They go to the pastor and say, little Johnny needs or rededicated his life, they truth is he is deceived, repentance and faith was never a factor in his life. He is relying on a little prayer he said long ago. When Jesus said you will know them by their fruits, he meant just that. Sinless perfection? No! Of course not! In truth there will be new affections, Godly desires, sensitivity to sin, evidences of ongoing fellowship with Jesus Christ. If you have a little Johnny or Sally it would behoove you to talk to them about repentance and faith, do not lead them in little sinners prayers that lead to false assurance.
  These religious leaders treat salvation as inoculation flu shot or get your ticket to heaven heresy, by combining two doctrines, the doctrine of assurance and the doctrine of sanctification of the believer and turned into a little creed. Jesus never called us to
accept him, he is lord if you accept him or not. Salvation is a supernatural work of God and not a decision of your will (John 1:11-13). If you are of the deceived, then you should examine yourself and test yourself (1 John) ask God to reveal himself to you read these verses (1John), ask him to do work in you and repent and put your trust in Jesus.

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